Sustainable and patented CIP concept that saves up to 45% water consumption when cleaning large hygienic process plants





Reducing Water Consumption through E-CIP

CIP (Cleaning in Place) cleaning of hygienic process plants is an essential part of modern food production and required to ensure food safety.

CIP is also a process that consumes and wastes substantial amounts of clean water.

We have developed and patented a method for how significant amounts of water can be saved when cleaning large process plants, without compromising on quality and food safety.

The installation costs are even on par with traditional CIP plants, so this is a sustainable solution, not only for water resources, but also financially.

Our optimized CIP method has a positive impact on the Environment and on plant Economy,  it's Effective and it's Easy to implement. We call it E-CIP.

Our Mission and Goal

As inventor and patent holder of the E-CIP concept our mission is to ensure the greatest possible spread of more sustainable CIP solutions in the food industry.

Our goal is to do so in partnership with a leading process supplier or food producer, who can derive the greatest possible commercial benefit from the E-CIP concept's patent, though a patent licensing or patent transfer agreement on regional or ideally worldwide basis. 

Our Team

Finn Gregersen

Commercial Director

Finn Gregersen

Commercial Director

+45 21 15 68 75

Finn Gregersen is a trained engineer with many years of experience in design, engineering and project management related to hygienic process plants. He has also worked for a number of years as an independent consultant within business consulting and business development.

Anders Holdflod Poulsen

Technical Director

Anders Holdflod Poulsen

Technical Director

+45 71 45 61 72

Anders is educated as Dairy Technologist from Dalum Dairy College in 1989. 

Since 1992, Anders has been working as Commissioning Engineer, Trouble Shooter and Process Specialist within a wide range of plants, products and processes in more than 70 different countries. 

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